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Due to its success on the home front in North America, Cable News Network has branched out internationally has can broadcast area from five continents namely; Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, South America.  It follows the same formula of 24 hours news coverage in the English language. Like in North America, the focus is on current affairs, opinion features, politics, business, and sports. Even though it has been criticism for its Americanize programming, it has still gained popularity in the more than 100 countries it broadcast news.

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This has helped in assimilating ground-breaking content across the world easier and more effectively. And has proven advantageous in the financial markets. CNN international has made the world more of a village in its news reporting and continues to make continents seem more like next-door neighbors with its online news coverage. There are interactive guides, audios, videos and photo galleries available from across the world to right in a viewer’s home. This keeps the viewers of the channels knowledgeable of all news that is creating headlines in different countries. CNN international now has its own news broadcast live streaming, which makes it the largest international news live streaming services in the world. It covers all international events such as the Olympics, FIFA World Cup, and other international events. The online broadcasting is free, but streaming is offered at a very reasonable price. There are also free apps available (depending on the viewer’s preference) in the Google Play Store that can be used to stream news by CNN International. The international online network has received high ratings for its collecting newsworthy content and posting it online. Streaming may vary from country to country due to the availability of live streaming media offered in the country of residence.


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