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The Cable News Network (CNN) the first 24 hour news broadcasting channel based in North America, and now it’s streaming news feed can be watched anywhere, anyhow. The channel first began keeping America up-to-date with all the happenings in the country on 1st June 1980, making it one of the oldest news channels in the country.

Now that CNN Usa News is available online, viewers of the channel will be able to access and watch the news at their desired place and time. Just like CNN was the first to break the news of the September 2001 mass destruction, and the only media to cover the live launch and breakage of the Space Shuttle live, it will keep America in the loop with its live streaming services. Viewers will be able to catch up any missed news readily.

Watch CNN USA News Live Streaming Online

The live stream service offered by CNN News is free, no registration needed and it streams automatically upon hovering on the segment of your choice. Popular CNN USA shows are also included in live streaming; Anderson Cooper 360, CNN tonight presented by Don Lemon, State of the Union by Jake Tapper, CNN Newsroom, The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer, Early start hosted by John Berman and Christine Romans and Inside politics with John King. The channel is known to keep its viewers covered from whatever is trending, to helping the viewers make informed choices in the presidential elections. Like most news channels, CNN News also has its own news app available in the Google Play Store.

This 36-year-old broadcasting news channel has been keeping up with the latest in multimedia and airing news 24/7 online with its HD quality. Be entertained, in the know and well informed by watching CNN News live in all its Emmy-nominated glory; on your laptop, mobile or iPad.

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