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The SKAI TV is a Greece-based TV network, where all content is primarily in Greek and thus it is specifically focused on Greek speaking natives. Established on 21 September 1993 and re-launched in 26 September 1999 as Alpha TV. It was repurchased, revamped and reintroduced in the market again in 1 April 2016 by the original founders and has since added foreign shows to attract wide range of audience such as America’s Next Top Model, America ‘s Funniest Home Videos, Games of Thrones, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, The X factor and The Good Wife, to name just a few.

Although it added a lot of foreign programs, it still running with the original concept of focusing on Greek shows and taking up to 60 percent of the overall content. Shows such as Kalimera SKAI presented by Giorgos Autlias, Gefsis Sti Fysis, Oi Neoi Fakelloi hosted by Alexis Papahelas, Tasos Telloglou and Sofia Papaloannou. SKAI TV has also its version of the American SURVIVOR, which has become one of the popular shows on the TV station. The Greek shows have also proven to be popular among audiences and have managed to attract a steady ratings increase, which has made SKAI TV the third largest network in Greece.

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SKAI network is not only limited to television, it has a radio station and has corroborations with other foreign networks, such as BBC and partnership with SONY. The network has taken its content to the online world and is the first to use a non-subscription TV station in the world. Like many innovative channels, it has its own app called SKAI gr, which is available in the Google Play Store and allows you to stream all of its TV and radio programs online. SKAI network is a great choice for all things Infotainment and makes use the latest online features such as interface and HD quality.

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