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Ora News is an Albanian television channel based in the capital city of Albania, Tiriana. Like most of the channel with the national target audience, the news is broadcasted in the Albanian native language. This has proven lucrative for the channel, owned by Ylli Ndroqi.

The channel is predominately online news that also has informative programs for the Albanian-speaking audience; it was launched for the purpose of online new coverage. The live streaming of the content available is of high quality, hence owing to its success among technologically savvy locals. There are interactive talk shows, hosted by the popular Albanians TV presenters. It caters to a wide range of audience with its array of shows:  entertainment, sport, showbiz, economy, lifestyle, medicine, and technology.

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Like most live streaming channels, Ora News is suitable for browsing via Google Chrome and has an app available in the Google Play Store for easier search. The streaming is free of charge and navigation is made easy by going to the channel website and can then choose the category of your choice. Videos are also uploaded on the website, which the viewer has to click and select from the drop-down menu. The website stays true to the language of the country and written only in the Albanian language. Live streaming of content is distributed in High Definition format, which makes viewing pleasurable. The content on the website and streaming doesn’t take long to load and/or play, which is a big plus. The only down-side to the streaming is that content doesn’t come in the English language, meaning Ora News strictly for the Albanian-speaking audience who are up on the go and would like to keep up-to-date the all the latest in news and everything at the time that is convenient for them and fit to their schedules.

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