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    Press TV is a state owned and only legal news network and in the Iran. It was launched on 08 July 2007 in a bid to control the country’s conservative politics and aim to report news that is free from westernize views that are biased. The reason for the move is the present a more positive and real view of the eastern country, more especially the Islamic, to western viewers. Although the network has attracted controversies because of this, Press TV continues reporting unbiased news to the audience.

    The 24 hours news channel is an English medium channel and has over 15 shows. Press TV’s shows include, The Sun Will Rise presented by Roshan Mohammed Salih, Africa Today, Coffee in Palestine, Face to Face, Middle East File, Press Plus presented by Reza Nayebi and Reporters’ File hosted by Saeed Pourreza. The channel also made use of western presenters Ken Livingston and Derek when they hosted Diaspora – attesting to its stance in creating content that is free from biased views by the Iran government. The President of the channel is Mohammad Sarafraz. Press TV also has a radio frequency. Press TV is available for live streaming of its programs and news.

    Watch Press TV Live Streaming Online


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    The live streaming is funded by the state, which means there was enough money to produce a live streaming that is top notch and easy to use. streaming is fast and the website is also well organized, which makes searching very easy. There’s a Google app of the channel in the Google Play Store and videos are also available on YouTube. There other pros of the press TV live streaming is that content is in English, which makes it user-friendly for non-Iran viewers. Live streaming is free and offers additional news on the website, making live streaming news a must

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