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    National Geographic is one of the oldest program running in the world today, founded in 1888, it is 129 years old and was first published in October 1888. It first started out as a monthly magazine focusing on world history, culture, and photography of things and places around the world. And has moved to television in 1964 in CBS channel. Due to its success, the television series then launched its only network simply called National Geographic Channel in a joint partnership with Fox Cable Networks, documenting all the world’s wonder to the viewers’ screens. The program promotes environmental awareness and entertains viewers with scientific anecdotes about the universe.

    The award-winning show has divided its programs to suit everyone. There’s National Geographic kids, an edutainment show which sparks children’s interest to explore the world around them and has games and toys for kids. National Geographic’s Traveler takes a reader to a faraway exploration using images. The channel is televised across five continents; Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia and South America, and well over a hundred countries.

    Watch National Geographic Live Streaming Online

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    It is only suitable that the channel brings the experience online. It also offers online courses on outdoor and environmental topics free of charge. The live streaming is free and makes use of chrome as a browser and has links to some international coverage. Streaming is suitable for all devices such as mobile, tablet, iPhone, android and personal computers. Live streaming usually only take a while to load due to apps running in the background. Content is suitable for all ages and there are feeds that are specifically designed for what you are looking for, making navigation easy and simple. The quality of the videos are in High Definition and there are also videos loaded in the YouTube for people that might find streaming complicated (live streaming offers the better overall quality).





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