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The History Channel is a broadcasting channel with its main focus being historical fiction series and documentaries relating to world history. It was launched on 16 September 1995, spanning over 20 years producing content that is thrilling and entertaining. Although it has received negative critics for sensationalizing of its contents, it attracts a viewership of close to a million. Which is impressive considering the criticism it receives. The History Channel It is available in European countries such as Ireland, Germany and most Asian countries, and some Middle East countries.

imagesThe television airs thought-provoking series and documentaries and has thus earned steady audience growth over the years. The History Channel has embarked on the live streaming journey and has placed some of its major content online. Favorite shows are available for live streaming and can be accessed from the official History Channel website. The live streaming is a bit slow due to the length of the video and can be played in full screen. Live streaming options are offered by four live stream providers, namely; Sling TV, Direct TV, Fubo TV, and HULU TV. The History Go video app can be used as an alternative, and is ideal for most mobile devices such as iPad, iPod, iPhone and Android. The app is free to download.

Watch The History Channel Live Streaming Online

The History Channel app is available in the Google Play Store, although it might always be available in all regions. Streaming experience will depend on the streaming media used, and Chrome is the browser advised. There are some series of The History Channel, which are available on YouTube. Streaming is a faster way of catching up on all missed episodes wherever you might be, with videos in High Definition to capture the experience in top shelf quality. The service is free to download but your media provider may charge subscription fees. The History Channel can be streamed live from all across the world.


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