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Consumer News and Business Channel is a news channel with a business-oriented niche, providing business news from 4 in the morning until 7 at night. Although it has a limited target market, CBNC News has an impressive average rating of 726 000 viewers who tune in daily to find the latest news on the financial sector and the stock market. CNBC News localizes international financial performance and its effect on the American stock exchange. With correspondents from all around the world, it is able to cover all the financial news around the globe and bring it to American audiences. CNBC News has also realized the importance of globalization and has networks across the world.

Watch CNBC News Live Streaming Online


Like all modern businesses, CNBC News has realized the need to bring news in a format that is suitable in the modern times and has introduced live streaming as a way to inform and educated the targeted mass.  CNBC live stream online makes it easy for busy professionals to stay abreast of the financial markets, it is HD quality and viewers don’t have to download content before it can be viewed, which is convenient for users. The reason why CNBC News has gained a huge viewership is because of shows like The Squawk Box, where all the business bigwigs are invited to discuss matters affecting currency and how political action impact on trading. It has been hosted by Joe Kernen since it aired in 1995, alongside Becky Quick and Andrew Ross Sorkin. The Mad Money host, Jim Cramer, known for his infectious and quick-witted personality his show will also be streamed live online for audiences will watch the latest in Wall Street. Get assistance in making investments decision by simply watching CNBC News on a mobile device, which also helps allows you to watch missed episodes. CNBC News also has an app in the Google Play Store, which is completely free!


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