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    Fox News is an Americans news channel, renowned for breaking news in a more humane format and reporting news and its impact on the general public’s lives – which has set it apart from other from other independent news satellite channels. Launched on the 7th October 1996, Fox News has gained a lot of viewership in America, totaling it up to 2.4 million viewers in 2016, which makes it the most watched news channel in the USA. It was also the fifth most viewed channel across all prime-time television.

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    The channel comprises different news reporting, from the latest in the entertainment to the current trends in diet and fitness from around the world, which has grown immensely in popularity among the public. Fox News has now embarked on bringing the news to its viewers in the most convenient and up-and-date way – live streaming! Fox broadcasts the news as it unfolds and is available at the tips of your fingers. Live streaming has gained popularity as being one of the easiest ways of connecting to target audience, so of course Fox News Channel jumped onto the bandwagon (in keeping with what it is known for) and created a free live streaming services, which is HD quality – making viewing pleasurable, while being informative and entertaining. It is recommended that Google Chrome browser, which comes with most portable devices, to be used for seamless performance. Personal computers can be also used to stream news. Where there might be instances where certain feeds are not available live due to the nature of news, this is the only real downside to streaming live news. Fox also has an app available in the Google Play Store. The app is called Fox News App and it easy to install and navigate. All of this is free of charge!


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