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    Russia Today is an international television network that is based in Russia, Moscow. The channel is funded by the government, and like most media providers has been accused of reporting news that is biased and self-serving. It operates on cable and satellite television channels. It is a 24-hour news reporting channel in four languages; Russian, Spanish (launched in 2009), Arabic language (launched in 2007), and English (active since 2014). The news reported in the countries with the language listed above as native are delivered as par language medium.

    The shows on this channel have attracted a lot of coverage on other international TV news channel. The coverage has mostly been praised for its frankness and its effort to eliminate western influence in the delivering of news from Russia and other countries. The shows on the Russian Today include American Larry King Now by Larry King, Sputnik by George Galloway, Going Underground by Afshin Rattansi, and SophieCo by Sophie Shevardnadze. And news presented by Marina Dzhashi, Ed Schultz and Eunan O’Neill. Russia Today is a TV channel with different shows, such as sports, current affairs, and lifestyle. Some of these shows have received international nominations for its fair and accurate news reporting and coverage, keeping the audience well informed on current affairs.

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    Russia Today live streaming is free and making it a popular. The live streaming of content can be found on the official Russia Today website. YouTube videos of the contents are also available and the channel has its own app in the Google Play Store. Streaming of sports feed has been hailed as one of the best by sports enthusiasts, which is not surprising because High Definition and cookies are added to enhance performance and appearance. The content is also regularly updated as the news break. Although Russia Today has some controversies, fault cannot be found in its live streaming.


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